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Interview on YouTube with Physics World on Jun 23, 2015:

Physics World – YouTube

In depth NOVA article by Dan Falk on Shape Dynamics featuring interview with me on Jan 06, 2016:

A Radical Reinterpretation of Einstein’s Theory

Discover Magazine article by By Zeeya Merali on Shape Dynamics on May 01, 2012:

Is Einstein’s Greatest Work All Wrong—Because He Didn’t Go Far Enough?


Shapes of Gravity

Mercedes Martin-Benito, Renate Loll and I hosted a quantum gravity conference entitled Shapes of Gravity at Radboud Institute in Nijmegen on March 30 – April 1. There was a short focused workshop on Shape Dynamics immediately following the conference on April 2 – 3. For more details about the conference and workshop, including the list of speakers and titles and abstracts of the talks see the conference website:

Shapes of Gravity.

The talks were recorded and are available at the conference YouTube Channel

Shapes of Gravity — YouTube channel.